Intimacy : Into You And Me I See   by Tina Marx

Have recently read a book entitled “ Intimacy : Into You And Me I See” by Tina Marx. The book deals with a subject of interest to all : that of achieving successful relationships and the pitfalls one encounters .

The book addressed principles such as self perception; positive focus; expectations; fears and reasons . Ways of approaching intimacy while dealing with both positive and negative influences . What makes Tina’s ideas both readable and acceptable is that she uses her own experiences as examples . It took a lot of guts and humility to leave herself exposed to criticism . To me it made her ideas more believable .

I highly recommend this book . In the song “ Fruitcakes “, the famous musical philosopher Jimmy Buffett said “ Relationships” : We all have them ; We all want ‘em ; What do we do with them ? Tina Marx may have the best answer to that question ?