I am a thirty-year-old woman struggling with interpersonal, workplace, and intimate relationships -in essence, life. I needed (and still need) guidance, support and empowerment, and for that Tina has been more than effective. She has given me the tools to tackle the most (seemingly) impossible hurdles that I am currently faced with on a daily basis. She has allowed me to realize that not everything negative is a result of “my own actions,” and has encouraged me to look at life from a new perspective. A perspective where I am able to find reasons to love myself and how I can build upon those qualities. “Tina’s Way” is a very enlightening, empowering and effective form for self-improvement and I encourage anyone who is suffering to consider her treatment. I am now able to actually love myself and find redeeming qualities within myself.

Annie T, / Tina Marx's LIFE EMPOWEREMENT Client