"I have had the pleasure to read this amazing book "The Domino Effect" - Fear vs. Faith by Tina Marx. Tina has been a close personal friend for over 13 years. She is extremely passionate about helping others achieve the life they truly desire. She does this by providing knowledge and tools she has gained through years of research and her own personal experiences. Read the top of the back cover first..."what your mind can conceive you can achieve". Keep this quote in the fore front of your mind as you read this extraordinary book. Learn to accept the fact that knowledge breeds confidence and ignorance breeds fear. It is in this knowingness that we gain control over our lives. Each of us have the personal choice on how we live each day, so incorporate these nine principals in your daily life and watch and experience how your quality of life can change. I have been a coach and a mentor for over 40 years and I can appreciate where Tina is coming from."

Tom Pivetti, / 'THE DOMINO EFFECT by Tina Marx' Book Reader Review